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How Do I Price My Jewelry Creations?


Now that you have decided to part with your beautiful beaded jewelry, you may wonder how to price them.  After all, you did put your creative juices into these works of art and how do you put a price on that? 

There are several factors to consider. 

First, determine what you would like to be paid per hour.  For each piece that you have created, you have spent your time designing it, searching for the material, and putting it together.   Once you have calculated the time that you put into the piece, then you can multiply that number by your hourly wage.

Second, what is your material?  Beads, balis, gemstones, or gold wire?  Add up the cost of all your material and add that to the time you put into your pieces.

Third, what is your market?  Are you going to sell your bead crafts on the Internet? To a jewelry gallery? Perhaps at a craft fair or farmer’s market?

The Internet is a very easy place to sell things.  There are a lot of venues to advertise your jewelry for you, but there are a lot people selling there.  Generally prices are very low and to compete here, your prices will have to low as well.

At a gallery, your work will be featured and generally galleries will charge you a commission for selling your piece.

At craft fairs or farmer’s markets you will meet people who are interested in purchasing hand made items from the artist who created them.  Part of your selling point is YOU J

Good Luck and Happy Beading!