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Digital Imaging tips for the Bead Artist

camera setupAre you looking to image your jewelry to sell or perhaps wanting to keep a portfolio of your creations?

When choosing a camera to photograph your jewelry be sure to select one that gives you a crisp focus and has a decent marco function for photographing the detail of your jewelry close-up.

  We use a Canon PowerShot S1 IS.  We also use an adapter lens for our macro shots when shooting our beads.  A huge upside to this camera (as well as many other Canons) is its Remote Capture capability.  Remote Capture lets you see in real time on your computer screen what the image is going to look like before you even snap the photo.

When photographing your beaded jewelry:

  • Stone gemstones can appear very different in actual color when photographed on certain colors. This is something to take into consideration when selecting your background drop color.
  • When photographing your jewelry, be sure center it within your viewfinder. A bead design can loose much of its selling appeal if the head pendant is not symmetrical.
  • Make sure your studio lighting is not changing the color hue of your image
  • Your camera will magnify textures and lint so select a background/prop that has the least amount of texture and be sure to always clean it.  Unnecessary backdrop texture will increase your over all file size.

When editing your images on the computer:

  • Crop them as close as possible, this way the detail of your work is more visible to the viewer.
  • Adjust the hue and saturation only when necessary.
  • Re-size image so it is web ready.  Many image-editing programs have a save for web feature.  This feature on Adobe decreases / weight the density without loosing visual detail.


Our Photo Setup: