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How to Create a Stunning, Shimmering Necklace!

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You will need the following tools and supplies:

  1. Blue Chalcedony Flower Bead
  2. Chain
  3. Clasp
  4. Wire
  5. Accent Beads
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • Round-nose Pliers
  • Flat-nose Pliers
  • Cutting Pliers
  • Ruler

1. Place wire through one of the drill-holes on the back of the blue chalcedony flower.  Bend both ends of the wire to each other.  Bend one end of the wire over at at 90 degree angle using the Flat-Nose Pliers.

2.  Create a loop in the angled wire using the Round-Nose Pliers.

3. Determine your first lengtht of chain (I used 14Kgf open link chain 10332 for this necklace) using a ruler (I used 1 1/2" for this necklace) and cut your chain using the Cutting Pliers.

4. Thread chain onto the wire and slide to the loop that you have created.

5.  Hold loop & chain with Flat-Nose Pliers. Using the Needle-Nose pliers wrap other end of wire around loop.  Bend remaining wire down using Needle-Nose pliers and wrap it around also.  Trim & tuck in the ends.

6.  Place accent bead on wire and bend both ends over at 90 degree angle using the Flat-Nose Pliers.

7.  Create a loop on one side of the accent bead using the Round-Nose Pliers.

8.  Thread chain from Flower bead on to accent bead wire to the loop.

9.  Hold loop with Flat-Nose Pliers and wrap other end of wire around using Needle-Nose Pliers.  Trim and tuck excess wire.

10.  Cut another section of chain to finish your necklace (I used 7 1/2" for this necklace).  Create loop on other side of accent bead using Round-Nose Pliers.  Thread chain onto wire to the loop.  Repeat step 9. 

11.  Repeat steps 6 through 10 for the other side of the Flower bead.

12.  Place second accent bead (I used blue chalcedony faceted briolettes 9229 for this necklace) on wire and bend wire so both ends meet.  Using Flat-Nose Pliers bend one end of wire into 90 degree angle.  Using Round-Nose Pliers create a loop in angled wire.

13.  Thread chain onto wire to the loop.  Hold loop using Flat-Nose Pliers and wrap other end of wire around the loop.

14.  Repeat steps 12 through 13 for additional accent beads.

15.  Place wire through bottom hole of Flower bead.  Using Flat-Nose Pliers bend wire into 90 degree angle and using Round-Nose Pliers create loop in angled wire.

16.  Thread chain onto wire to the loop.  Holding the loop with the Flat-Nose Pliers wrap other end of wire around using Needle-Nose Pliers.  Trim and tuck excess wire.

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