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How To: Make an Adorable Charm Bracelet

You will need the following materials:
(a) several beads
(b)  several headpins
(c) chain
(d) a clasp


the following tools:
1. Round-nose pliers
2. Cutting pliers
3. Flat-nose pliers
4. Needle-nose pliers
5. Ruler









  • Cut your chain to the right length (1" inch larger than wrist for comfort)
  • Find the center of your bracelet and attach your first bead
  • Create a loop on your head pin and slip onto chain
  • See "How To: Make a Simple and Stylish Pendant" for instructions on creating a loop and wire wrapping

  • After attaching your center bead, plan your design by placing the remaining beads on headpins & lay them next on either side of the center bead.
  • Make sure your beads hang from the same side of your chain
  • Add your clasp

charmbracelet6 charmbracelet5 charmbracelet7