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How To: Create Beautiful Jewelry using Picture Frame Beads!

You will need the following materials:
(a) Picture Frame Beads
(d) Clasp
(e) Wire
& the following tools:
1. Round-nose pliers
2. Cutting pliers
3. Flat-nose pliers
4. Needle-nose pliers
5. Ruler
6. Watch Crystal Cement
7. French Wire

Please see our Stringing and Knotting on Silk Thread article for steps 1 & 3-4

Step 1: Attach a clasp

Step 2: String one side of the picture frame bead on thread.  Then string on accent beads.  After accent beads are on thread, thread the needle through the other side of the picture frame bead.

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Step 3: Knot between picture frame beads

Step 4: Finish Bracelet or Necklace

Making the Matching Earrings

Step 1: Thread the wire through one side of the picture frame bead, and then put the accent beads on. 

Step 2: Once the accent beads are on the wire, thread the wire through the other side of the picture frame bead.  I would recommend using your flat nose pliers to pull the wire through.

Step 3: Bend your wire at a 90 degree angle on both sides of your picture frame bead and cut to approx. 1/2 inch

Step 4: Create wire wrapped loops on both sides of the picture frame bead.  See our pendant making article for more detailed instructions.

Step 5: Add earwire to loop at top of picture frame bead and accent bead to loop at bottom of picture frame bead.

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