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Sylivia's Personal Metaphysical Notes:

   Labradorite a stone magically connected to the earth and to the unseen world.  As I gaze into the magic that is Labradorite I see the earth reflected in the green grey of the base stone and the unseen world in the aurora borealis play of colors that scintillating slip between azure blue, heavenly golds and stunning ethereal indigo.  I touch it and the feeling is magical and deep.  I am falling into a world where all things are possible; nothing is beyond my grasp and a new world open up before my amazed being.  


   My favourite pieces of jewelry are made of Labrdorite.  I love feeling it silky skin brush mine.   I rejoice at it's magical play of colors as they dance out of the corner of my eyes.   As I put on my beads of Labradorite I feel a holy anointing that give the start of my day one of peace and assurance that I have a connection to magical possibilities in my day!


   Look to Labradorite to lead you into realms you never thought  possible.  Having difficulty keeping hold of that elusive dream - grab a piece of Labradorite to keep in your pocket or a pendant set with Labradorite or better yet beads that you can twirl and watch the lesson it has to offer which is one of endless possibilities and unexpected revelations.  Labradorite main purpose is to let us know that magic does exist and is possible to each of us.  The truth it reveals lies within all of us and this incredible stone friend is here in this reality to remind us all of the reality of unending possibilities.   


   Mankind has long sought to have faith in the world beyond this one that can be the source of much pain, hard work and limited possibilities.   Everything from soul stirring cathedrals such as Chartres to giant megalithic wonders such as Stonehenge have been erected to display man's longing for the unseen, something greater than himself.   Each one an expression of a inner yearning to be connected to the source of all that is, the very stars, galaxies and awe of the unknown.  So as you hold this lovely, soul affirming stone friend in your hand you have your own Chartres, your own Stonehenge to remind you that YOU are a part of that unseen but so soul essential place, that connection to the Source of us all.  


Light, love and Laughter,  

Sylvia C. Rose-Johnson
(Stone intuitive)

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