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Spectrolite ring


Sylivia's Metaphysical Notes:

     I am Rainbow Moonstone known technically as Spectrolite.  I will help you see all the beauty in yourself and your life.  I will help to lift you up into higher realms and access that part of yourself that is full of wisdom and power.  This power is the energy that can bring about tremendous positive change in your life, fulfill wishes that you have had for lifetimes.  I will also assist you when you are making these changes with the courage to go ahead with what you have decided upon.  I will smooth the passages you are about to make and set them in harmonywith the nature of all things.



   I am also here to aid your physical body in the smooth functioning of your glandular system.  So please wear me near your thyroid, or thymus area.  You will know when it will be best to move to the heart chakra or lower because I will let you know through your senses.

 Please allow me to soak in fresh clear water on the full of the moon. . .
      (Stone Intuitive)
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