Jewelry Recipes

Ingredients               Ingredients

    108 Faceted Roundel
          Rainbow Moonstone

  22 Coin Briolette Pearls

44   Sterling Silver
     14 mm Dual Tubes

The dual sterling dual tube is the key to this design.

We are going to string the top and the bottom part of the

tubes separatly.

1. Start at the center coin pearl briolette adding 2 roundel moonstones to either side.

2. add a dual tube on either side making sure that the top tubes come together like a mountain.

3. Add a Pearl briolette to either side, then a tube with the top facing away.

4. add 2 moonstones, a pearl, 2 more moonstones an dual tube. (Just visualize it that whenever the

tubes come together above the moonstones that the top parts of the tube come together forming a mountain.)

5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 until you have 10 coin pearls to either side of your center pearl.

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