Jewelry Recipes

Ingredients               Ingredients

    108 Faceted Roundel
          Rainbow Moonstone

  22 Coin Briolette Pearls

44   Sterling Silver
     14 mm Dual Tubes



Now we will work on the top string

6. Above your center pearl string 1 moonstone connecting the top part of your dual tubes.

7. On either side of the top tube string 4 moonstones, string through the next top tube, string 1 moonstone,

top tube and repeat until all of the tubes are filled.

8. Snip an extra tube with your diagonal cutters or using a sterling connecter tube if you have them to even the last dual tube. I added on extra connector tube for good measure.

9. Slip some french wire also called Tiger tail, over your string for strength then loop the your wire through the end of your sterling chain before tying off your string below the connecting tube.

10. On the opposite end of the neclace repeat step 9 only add a clasp instead of your chain.

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