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agate Agate

    Agate is a class of Chalcedony and is typically known for its wide variety of colorful markings. Agate forms in concentric layers by filling cavities in host rocks. These concentric layes give Agate its creative colorful rings not found in any other stone.

agateHistorical Talisman and Lore:

     Supposedly named after the river Achates where the stone was first found, Agate was highly sought after as an amulet or talisman.

      In ancient Rome, agates were worn in rings to appease the dieties of the harvest, so the Earth would be fruitful. In the middle east agates were used to ensure a healthy state of blood.  In Asia the markings of agate were gazed into by scryers so that their deep mind could project their psychic impulses to their conscious mind.

    Persian magicians claimed to have the power to divert storms by wielding agate.  Agate shaped in triangles were used in Syria to avert intestinal problems.  Agate was thought to quench thirst if placed under the tongue.

agate Metaphysical Properties

Agate was placed in water and cooking to dispel sickness.

It is said that agate strengthens the sight and promotes marital fidelity.

Their are numerous variations and types of Agate each with their own properties.

  • Crazylace Crazy Lace Agate is said to balance physical energies.
  • limbcast   Agatized Limbcast has natural healing properties.
  • Moss  Moss Agate leads one toward agreeability, persuasiveness and efficacy in all pursuits.
  • Onyx  Onyx is said to bring protection to the wearer.
  • Sardonyx   Sardonyx is said to increase courage and eloquence.
  • Botswana   Botswana has long been reputed to aid in new ventures and to bring abundance.
  • Bloodstone  Bloodstone has excellent grounding properties and has long been used to bring about renewal and revitalization.
  • bluelace     Blue Lace has been said to activate the higher chakras into a higher state of awareness.