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Birthstone for March

Folk Name:     Piedra de Hijada ("Stone of the Flank"; spanish)

Historical Lore:

During the stone age, Jade was often used in tools, such as in axe heads, adzes, cutting tools, and weapons.

fishhook  In China, the carved stone was often used for decoration and was buried in graves because it was thought to lend vitality to the deceased.

   In the south island of New Zealand the Maori carved Nephrite, a dark green variety of jade, that are worn on ceremonial occasions  as a symbol of good fortune.


 The Maori fish hook symbol, also called Hei Matau, is a symbol of great power, strength,fertility, and authority held in high esteem by the Maori. They are also considered good luck to those crossing water.



  Home to some of the most beautiful Silver ferns in the world, the Maori have adopted theharmonious Koru as a symbol representing this fern.  The Koru orwave symbol is considered the symbol of growth, purity, and new beginnings.  


Metaphysical Properties:

"Jade is an ancient love attracting stone."1  

In China it was worn to draw love or given as a gift to court the affections to obtain love.

The Chinese believed that Jade would provide vitality and extend ones life.

Held over the third eye, it is believed that Jade may provide wisdom.


creamy jade Verying from creamy white, bright chartreusse, to dark green;

jade can be found in many varieties. chartreusse jade



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