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keishi   Keishi Pearl

The purpose of this guide is to inspire, inform and to acquaint the beading artist with the incredibly diverse design opportunities offered to them by Keishi.

pearl Keishi pearls are all-nacre pearls produced by shellfish (oysters or mollusks) during the culturing process, but occurring naturally by an act of nature not cultured by man as most pearls are.

keishipearl Keishi are marvelous to create with because of their never-ending diverse shapes, textures and sizes.  With new color enhancing and permanent coloring techniques now available, Keishi can be had in any color in the rainbow.

pearl Keishi can also be found in many different varieties of shapes.  The newest one is “Corn Flake Keishi ”.  Corn Flake Keishi is very thin and drilled at one up to create a wonderful cup or petal like appearance.

 pearl The random beauty of Keishi is the key to its incredible ability to set your Custom Jewelry apart!  Use this marvelous pallet of color, texture and beauty to create a unique, stand out design.   Let it be your muse that leads you down the soul-satisfying path of perfect self-expression.

pearl When I select Keishi or any pearl I look for a smooth blemish free clear skin, deep, highly reflective nacre, also uniformity in color and appearance.  With Keishi I pay particular attention to nuances in texture and a unique look of the overall patterns that predominate when viewed as a whole.